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                      One & Only Authorized Distributor of Top Branded Mexin Steel Doors all Over India.  ? ? ? ? ? ? Authorized Dealer For Godrej Safety Lockers.

                      :: About Us

                      234 INTERNATIONAL DOOR, a leading distributor of imported Steel Doors (with 9  to 13 multilocking Systems), Flush doors, wooden doors and PVC doors Ward robes situated in Chennai, India. The product range in steel door includes Metal Entrance door, Armored Door & Fire proof door.
                       We import steel doors & wooden doors from the world best manufacturer who has obtained various certifications such as WHI (US), BS (UK), CE, CQC, SONCAP (Nigeria), Q-MARK, FSC, GA(China) and ISO9001:2000 international quality certification.
                                                   Our distributing service plan is spread across India. Our distribution comprises of exclusive and elegant models at attractive prices. Located in Kodungaiyur, Chennai, Tamilnadu India. We believe that simplicity is beauty and history is what is imprinted in the mind.

                      Our Mission:
                                          "Distributing Safety & Security at your door step is our motto".
                      Our service:
                                            We believe that our focused approach across India helps us to stand out from our competitors by providing people with full furnished Steel doors at their affordable Cost & Designs. 

                      Our goal at  234 INTERNATIONAL DOOR is to provide people with  3 'S' Steel doors i.e...

                      1. SAFETY
                      2. SECURITY
                      3. STRONG
                                         So that we can sets us "Unique" from all other competitors.

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                      234 INTERNATIONAL DOOR
                      #36, Teacher's Colony Main Road, Kodungaiyur Chennai-600 118.
                      Phone : 044 25572424 | +91-9884952542
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